Shivrayancha Chhava Marathi Movie Box Office Collection Day 4

Since, its debut on February 16, 2024, Digpal Lanjekar’s Marathi action, drama historical film “Shivrayancha Chhava” has generated a lot of interest among viewers. Bhushan Patil, Trupti Toradmal, and Mrinal Kulkarni are among the film’s outstanding cast members. The story is set against a historical setting and is expected to be compelling.

With an approximate budget of ₹8 crore, the film’s box office and critical reception will play a major role in determining its future trajectory of success. It is too early to tell if “Shivrayancha Chhava” will be a hit or a flop as fans anxiously await the box office results and reviews. Keep checking back for updates on this fascinating filmic adventure.

Shivrayancha Chhava Movie Details

Movie Name Shivrayancha Chhava
Release date 16 February 2024
Language Marathi
Budget ₹8.00 Crore (approx)
Gener Marathi action drama historical
Director Digpal Lanjekar
cast Bhushan Patil, Trupti Toradmal, mrginal Kulkarni, Vikram Gaikwad, Ravi Kale, Abhijeet Shweta Chandra
Director Digpal Lanjekar



With its captivating combination of action, drama, and historical narrative, “Shivrayancha Chhava” unravels the tale of Maratha bravery and historical intrigue. Bhushan Patil, Trupti Toradmal, Mrinal Kulkarni, and a host of other celebrity’s star in this Marathi epic, which is directed by the visionary director Digpal Lanjekar. The film is expected to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on Marathi cinema history as it begins its cinematic journey.

Shivrayancha Chhava Box Office Collection Day 4


Day  Indian Net Collection
Day 1 ₹ 0.6 Crore
Day 2 ₹ 0.9 Crore
Day 3 ₹ 1.3 Crore
Day 4 ₹ 1.00 Crore
Total ₹ 3.8 Crore


About Shivrayancha Chhava Marathi Movie


“Shivrayancha Chhava” picks up at a moment when audiences’ appetite for historical stories is intense. The film taps into this zeitgeist, hoping to carve itself a place in the hearts of viewers, with its premiere date purposefully selected for February 16, 2024. With its action-packed and dramatic plot that is rooted in Maratha history, it provides a captivating cinematic experience that appeals to a wide range of viewer demographics.

The film’s star power, which includes well-known actors like Bhushan Patil and Trupti Toradmal, gives it legitimacy and highlights its strength as a story. With a production budget estimated at ₹8.00 crore, “Shivrayancha Chhava” seeks to explore the rich fabric of Maratha tradition while delivering a cinematic spectacle that goes beyond simple pleasure.

The movie’s really true test, though, will be how both critics and viewers react to it. The final word on the film’s success will come from both critical and box office reviews, even as excitement builds in the run-up to its release. From idea to completion, the film’s journey is a labor of love and devotion, driven by the cast and crew’s combined efforts.


“Shivrayancha Chhava” stands out as a light of hope in the vast tapestry of Marathi cinema, promising to pique viewers’ interest in historical stories while providing a visual feast for the senses. This cinematic masterpiece gives new life to the tradition of Maratha valor and tenacity as fans swarm theaters to watch the epic unfold on screen.

With its unique blend of drama, action, and historical intrigue, “Shivrayancha Chhava” sets out to make a lasting impression on audiences and carve its place in Marathi film history. The plot invites viewers to immerse themselves in a universe where history comes to life, one frame at a moment, as the curtains rise and the action unfolds.

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