संघर्षयोद्धा | Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil Movie: Release Date | Cast & Crew | Trailer, OTT, and more

In This article we are discusses the film “Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil” which portrays the resilience of the Maratha community.

Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil is an upcoming Marathi biopic that narrates the moving journey of Manoj Jarange Patil, a key figure who passionately fought for the reservation rights of the Maratha community. Directed by Shivaji Doltade and produced by Govardhan Doltade under the banner of Sonai Film Creation, the film is slated to hit theaters on April 26, 2024, and will enthrall audiences across Maharashtra.

Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil Movie

The Marathi film “Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil” tells the story of Manoj Jarange Patil’s fight for reservation for the Maratha community. It features Rohan Patil and a talented cast and is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024. More information about the plot, trailer, and music is still unknown. Confirmation from an OTT platform is expected.

Marathi Movie Details

Movie Name Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil ( संघर्षयोद्धा )
Release Date 26 April 2024
Languages Marathi
Type Movie Teaser
Director Shivaji Doltade
Producer Govardhan Doltade
Genre Biopic, Drama
Production Company Sonai film Creation
Cast Rohan Patil, Sandeep Pathak, Saagar Karande, Arbaaz Shaikh, Surabhi Hande, Mohan Joshi, Shrinivas Pokale, Sanjay Kulkarni, Madhavi Juvekar, Vijay Mishra, Vinit Bhonde, Sunil Godbole, Jaywant Wadkar


The movie is based on the Real-life story of Maratha activist Manoj Jarange Patil.

Cast and Crew

Rohan Patil plays the lead role of Manoj Jarange Patil in the film, with a strong supporting cast including Sandeep Pathak, Saagar Karande, and others. The movie aims to depict a realistic portrayal of true events.

The story is about Manoj Jarange Patil, whose hunger strike inspired the Maratha community to demand reservation. The movie will showcase his fight for justice, which had a profound impact on Maharashtra’s society and politics. Details about the plot are still unknown, but viewers are excited to see Patil’s incredible journey on screen.

Production Details

The film has a dedicated creative team, including Krishna Naikar as the Director of Photography and Mahesh Kore as the art director, who are focused on authentically capturing the story. The publicity design by Loki’s Studio and PR managed by Darshan Musale show careful planning for promoting the project. Digital marketing efforts by Team Social Time aim to create widespread awareness of the film’s release.


Music and Soundtrack

Information about the music and soundtrack for the film is being kept secret, which is making people even more excited to hear the original songs that will enhance the emotional depth of the story. The melodies are expected to deeply connect with viewers and make the movie even more enjoyable.

Release and digital wrights!

The movie “Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil” is set to be released on April 26, 2024 and is expected to attract a large audience in Maharashtra. The digital distribution platform has not been confirmed yet, but the film is projected to reach a diverse audience beyond just one region.

Critical Reception and Box Office Expectations

Anticipation surrounds the critical reception and box office success of “Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil” as it begins its cinematic release. The film’s strong cast, engaging plot, and high-quality production suggest it has the potential to connect with viewers and leave a lasting impact on Marathi cinema.


The film “Sangharsh Yoddha Manoj Jarange Patil” is a tribute to the determination of Manoj Jarange Patil and the resilience of the Maratha community. It invites audiences to witness a story of bravery, belief, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Sangharsh Yodha Official Teaser

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